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About CAM – Board of Directors

Executive Committee

1 Jane Erdman RM
2 Nathalie Pambrun RM
3 Emmanuelle Hebert SF
4 Katrina Kilroy RM
  1. Treasurer: Jane Erdman RM, (ON)
  2. Vice President: Nathalie Pambrun RM, Winnipeg (MB)
  3. President: Emmanuelle Hebert SF, Montreal (QC)
  4. President Elect: Katrina Kilroy RM, Toronto (ON)

Board of Directors

  • Alberta
    JoanMargaret Laine RM
  • British Columbia
    Alix Bacon RM
  • Manitoba
    Tracey Novoselnik RM
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
    Ann Noseworthy RM
  • Northwest Territories
    Heather Heinrichs RM
  • Nunavut
    Amanda Tomkins RM
  • Ontario
    Lisa Weston RM
  • Prince Edward Island
    Joyce England
  • Québec
    Claudia Faille SF
  • Saskatchewan
    Megan Lalonde RM
  • Yukon
    Kathleen Cranfield RM
  • NACM
    Ellen Blais RM
  • Student rep
    Heidi Demers
  • Nova Scotia
    Leslie Frances Niblett RM
  • NACM
    Ellen Blais AM
  • New Brunswick
    Kate Leblanc
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