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Alberta Association of Midwives - Report submitted October 2013


Overview of Midwifery in Alberta:

There are currently 94 Registered Midwives in Alberta.  Over half are practicing in Calgary, while only 11 practice in rural areas.  Workforce planning is underway through Alberta Health Services in conjunction with members of the Alberta Association of Midwives (AAM), physicians, nurses and other stakeholders.  We continue to be the fastest growing health care profession in Alberta with an increase in practicing midwives of almost 11% since this time last year. 


There are now a total of 48 midwifery students in the Bachelor of Midwifery (B. Mid.) at Mount Royal University in Calgary. This is the only midwifery education program offered in Alberta, an important step in filling the growing demand for midwifery services.  The first cohort of 8 midwives graduated this spring; however only  5 were able to secure work in Alberta due to lack of funding for new midwives.  Three of our graduates are now practicing in British Columbia.


The College of Midwives of Alberta has been in operation since January 2013.  The Registrar, President, and committee members continue to work at reviewing and updating the midwifery regulation documentation for Alberta.


The AAM welcomed our new CEO, Lolly de Jonge, PhD, to our team in January. Under Lolly’s executive leadership, the Association is embarking upon an exciting new phase of advancing our strategic goals of advocacy, growth and sustainability. We also welcomed a new President, Nicole Matheson, in May as well as new Board members who are eager to assist with attaining the AAM’s vision. We are grateful for the many years of contribution by Past President JoanMargaret Laine.

The AAM continues to progress with Communications Strategies and liaise with consumer groups, other maternity care practitioners, and government representatives.  The AAM has produced an infographic regarding the value of midwifery in Alberta.  This infographic was dis-tributed to all MLAs and spread quickly across social media sites and has been well received.

Government of Relations: 

Our funding agreement expired on March 31, 2015 and an interim agreement was developed prior to the Alberta provincial election.  However, due to a change in government, we expect increased support for midwifery.  Our President and our CEO had a promising meeting with the Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman in June. We anticipate that negotiations for the next funding agreement will be fruitful and will continue to accelerate the growth of midwifery to meet the demands of consumers for midwifery care.

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